Wed 17 Jun 2020 13:44

I am delighted to announce that we will be launching a women’s touch rugby team at Long Buckby this season.


The focus will be on having fun but there is a reasonable chance that the ladies will get a bit of exercise too, and will hopefully come to love the game.


This follows on from the huge success we had last season with setting up a girls squad from scratch - now with 30+ players.


Training schedule has yet to be confirmed but we are having a fun intro session this Friday 16th August at the club.


Some of the senior girls will also be there to show the new players the ropes so please can I ask two big favours of you:


  1. a) please can you encourage your partners, daughters and friends to come along and give it a go?


  1. b) Please can you post this message on social media and forward it on to appropriate groups


In a few weeks time we could have a women vs men game if you lot are fit enough 😁


Training will run from 7-8pm and we will head to the bar / pub afterwards.



All the best,


James Lyon


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