Fri 15 Nov 2019 08:41

The latest RFU CPD dates have been released - get yourself booked on and remember the club will reimburse the booking fees. For further advice, contact Ben Jones, Coaching Coordinator

The club has set an ambitious target of getting at least 2 coaches per age group qualified to Level 2 with the new 3 day coaching award. There are also a number of other initiatives planned to ensure that we offer the best quality coaching in the region. This includes extra support to new coaches and help from those with experience of older players as coaches move up the age groups.
The aim is to make being a coach 'Easy, Fun, Free and Flexible'

The L2 Course is the gold standard and is great fun. Remember you don't need any previous rugby experience although there is an on line modules to do in advance about recognising and preventing concussion

Click the link below to get booked on and let us know.

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